The Panay Incident

Fast and enjoyable read of an historical incident

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It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon on this twelfth of December, 1937. The American gunboat USS Panay plows the slow-moving waters of the Yangtze off Nanking. The Panay patrols China’s rivers to protect American interests in the chaos that engulfs the Middle Kingdom. Today, the Japanese army has fought to the gates of Nanking.

The Japanese bomb explodes dead center atop the Panay’s wheelhouse. Fire, shrapnel, and wood splinters rip into the commanding officer and all others on watch. The second bomb smashes into the quarterdeck. The Japanese aircraft press their assault. Forty-five minutes later, the Panay’s bow dips under the Yangtze’s surface and slowly settles on the riverbed.

Though seriously wounded, Chief Radioman Mathew Marne survives and earns the Navy Cross for his exceptional heroism under fire. As known only by a few, Chief Marne is a naval intelligence agent.

Marne relays details of his now unclassified, special-intelligence assignments across the Far East in maw of Japanese aggression before and during World War II; his clandestine activities ashore, his actions in several Pacific sea-battles; his love for a Chinese woman and for a Navy nurse with an attitude.

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” Fast and enjoyable read of an historical incident “

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” Captain Shelton has written an interesting construct of key historical figures who impacted the pre-war and world war 2 years. “

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S. Martin Shelton

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Captain S. Martin Shelton retired from active and reserve naval service. He served in the Korean and Vietnamese Wars. He has an extensive background in Far Eastern studies.Shelton earned his Master of Arts Degree (Cinema) from the University of Southern California. He spent thirty years producing a host of information and documentary motion-media shows, winning over forty awards in national and international film competitions and festivals. Shelton is a Fellow of the Society for Technical Communications and of the Information Film Producers of America.Shelton has published extensively in trade magazines, peer-reviewed journals, and commercial publications. His professional book, Communicating Ideas with Film, Video, and Multimedia, garnered the Best of Show award in the Society for Technical Communication’s Spotlight Publication Competition.He published the action-adventure novel St. Catherine’s Crown in 2013. The narrative is set during the Russian Revolution, the regicide of the royal family, and the post-Revolution harrowing adventures of Grand Duchess Anastasia and her cousin Lieutenant Kirik Pirogoff along the Trans-Siberian Railroad and in northwestern China.Following, he published the anthology titled Aviators, Adventures, and Assassins. Included are two novellas. Amelia is the investigative journal of a naval intelligence officer unraveling the labyrinthine skullduggery of Amelia Earhart’s last leg of her around the world flight in July 1937. Prester John details a Christian Knight two-decade long search for the chimerical king. Also included are several dozen short stories.His novella titled Khartoum earned a Finalist award in the Writer’s League of Texas annual publication competition in 2013.Currently, Shelton is working on the novel titled Shanghai Express. His web site address is

The Panay Incident

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