The Power of Principled Inclusion

Excellent Book to Live an Authentic Life by the Principles of Inclusion

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Michael Sawaya is a prominent Denver trial lawyer in his fifth decade of practice. The Power of Principled Inclusion is his second book. Building in part on the spiritual message of his first book, Turbulence In the River, he presents an encouraging method for the inward search that leads to identifying and using your most important, personally empowering principles. He emphasizes the perspectives, awareness and mindfulness that is necessary to keep your principles relevant and responsive to the life situations you will encounter. He presents inclusion as a vital necessity for your own growth and for the health and vitality of your social groups. He explores the current human existential crises with encouragement to the reader to find the methods and the motivation to fully enroll in finding inclusive, and winning solutions. The book will work you to find your own inclusion, inward and outward, showing you how to embrace your values and turn them into your own powerful principles!

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” Excellent Book to Live an Authentic Life by the Principles of Inclusion “

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” Power of Principled Inclusion written by Micheal Sawaya is not just a book but I would like to tag it as a life guide which encourages you to look deep inside yourself to identify and use your most important personally empowering principles. “

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The Power of Principled Inclusion

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