The Queen’s Christmas and Easter Messages

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The Queen’s Christmas and Easter Messages describe the significance of Christmas and Easter as well as giving us Her Majesty’s compassionate review of each year. This book compiles in one volume Her Majesty’s reflections on the meaning and significance of Christmas and Easter. It includes excerpts from all The Queen’s annual Christmas Broadcasts and from her historic Easter Message of 2020. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, in the first of her annual Christmas Speeches (1952), reminded us that ‘Peace on earth, Goodwill toward all’ is the eternal message of Christmas and the desire of us all. This Gift Edition is printed in colour.

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Dr Geoffrey Waugh

About the Author

Geoff Waugh is the founding editor of the Renewal Journal and offers free PDF books on – follow the links.Geoff, born in 1937, is the eldest of his minister father’s nine children and began teaching at 19 with a great class of 43 boys. He then completed theological college and taught in schools and Bible Schools in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, living mostly in bamboo and grass roof houses, sometimes in villages. He married Meg, also a teacher, and their first child was born in the remote mission hospital. They returned to Australia, where two more children were born, and they lived mainly in Brisbane in an extended family community home linked with other community homes involved in renewal. Geoff taught on renewal and revival at Bible College, Trinity Theological College, and Christian Heritage College.Eight grandchildren enrich his life. Geoff lives in a large extended family home, designed and built by his son to accommodate two families plus a granny flat, and many visitors. They have hosted mission teams, overseas church leaders, and refugees. Three generations of them, father, adult children, and grandchildren have been on mission overseas together.Geoff enjoys travel. Their family explored Israel for two months, based in Jerusalem and Tiberius on Galilee, and visited the Sinai and Egypt. Geoff and Meg toured Europe including visiting Oberammergau for the Passion Play and led mission teams to many countries. Geoff enjoys cross-cultural mission and taught on revival to church leaders in Africa, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, the Philippines, China, and the South Pacific nations of Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and Fiji.Geoff’s books focus on renewal and revival. They include Flashpoints of Revival, Revival Fires, South Pacific Revivals, The Lion of Judah series, Discovering Aslan series, Living in the Spirit, Fruit and Gifts of the Spirit, Kingdom Life study books (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John), and his autobiographical adventures, Journey into Ministry and Mission.

The Queen’s Christmas and Easter Messages

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