The Surprise Circus

My niece loved this book so much that I ended up buying a few more copies for my other nieces and nephews as easter gifts

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“The most important investment we can make is in our children; therefore, I’m thrilled my messages are presented to children in The Surprise Circus.” –Les Brown, motivational speaker.

When the circus doesn’t come to her town, six-year-old Aria is disappointed. She calls the ringmaster of the circus and asks him to send the circus, but he doesn’t. Instead, the craziest things start to happen!

Every week, the ringmaster sends Aria a package—each containing an amazing circus character. But Aria has to put the circus characters in the backyard because each one does something very silly that upsets her mommy and daddy: the magician hides her baby sister, the strongman lifts all the furniture, and the juggler throws everything, even her baby sister, in the air, and the fire eater burns the curtains.

The circus people ask Aria to become their ringmaster, but she isn’t sure she is brave enough to speak in front of lots of people. Aria starts to think about all the things she can do—all the things she’s great at. She learns to believe in herself and is willing to work hard. She realizes she can do anything—even run The Surprise Circus.

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” My niece loved this book so much that I ended up buying a few more copies for my other nieces and nephews as easter gifts “

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” I loved your story. It reminded me of the many stories I’ve told my granddaugher. “

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Dr. Carol , Aria Soloway

About the Author

Dr. Carol, a former English teacher, keynote speaker, and Qualified Medical Examiner, has previously written two bestselling novels, one of which was a Readers’ Choice selection and is being presented to Hallmark.A true storyteller, she believes it’s never too early to instill values in our children. Dr. Carol said writing The Surprise Circus with her six-year-old granddaughter, Aria Soloway, is her most gratifying accomplishment. It was Dr, Carol’s idea to write a story, but it was her granddaughter’s imagination that sparked the story! The great motivational speaker, Les Brown, wrote the foreword which will encourage and motivate parents as well, and The Surprise Circus takes his message to children.Since Les Brown and Dr. Carol are concerned about the negative impact of the world events on children, they want to get this motivating and positive book into the hands of as many children as possible.ARIA SOLOWAY Aria Soloway is a six-year-old girl who loves wearing sparkly dresses, riding the bus to kindergarten with her bus buddies, exploring new places with her mommy and daddy, playing with her baby sister, doing ballet, playing the piano, and eating pasta. She’s excited about writing many more books and meeting friends like you at book signings everywhere.OLIVIA TARGETT Multi-talented artist, cartoonist and animator, Olivia Targett, 15, is an Australian born Marvel loyalist now living, sketching and creating in the United States.

The Surprise Circus

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