The Tannhäuser

I found The Tanhauser to be an interesting story.

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Wikerus, a young German noble joins the Teutonic Order of knights and fights in the Fifth Crusade. He meets the Swan Knight, the sworn protector of the Holy Grail, and becomes his steward. After the crusade, Wikerus lives in a secluded Bavarian valley with the Swan Knight’s family. He finds love and fear, bliss and more war. He escapes his previous life and roams the Holy Roman Empire as a philosopher, poet, and minnesänger, giving birth to the legend of the Tannhäuser.

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” I found The Tanhauser to be an interesting story. “

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” This was well written and quite unusual. I enjoyed the escape from reality. I will be looking for more books by this author. “

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Stefan Scheuermann

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Stefan Scheuermann was born in Louisiana. As a teenager, he moved to Colorado with his family. He earned his Master of Arts degree in English Literature from Regis University in Denver, with an emphasis in 18th & 19th century British Literature. He has taught English Research Composition at Metropolitan State University of Denver and has enjoyed a long career of performing and teaching ballet. Mr. Scheuermann continues his passionate vocation of English literary study and continues to teach ballet.

The Tannhäuser

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