Thievery: Catholic Church EXPOSED!

This book unfolds details of the Catholic Church corruption and behind the scenes activity that will blow your mind.

About The Book

A Must Read for Every Catholic Church Member

Thievery is a documentary based upon the collection of ninety-seven cases uncovered through a comprehensive investigation of legal cases, newspaper stories, and articles reported from 2002 to 2018.

Thievery details how the US Conference of Catholic Bishops have been unwilling to adopt safe, secure financial procedures; thereby, allowing a sub-culture of criminal activity to exist.

This is not about an usher taking a twenty-dollar bill from the collection plate or a secretary cheating on a deposit slip; it portrays systematic scams, schemes, and embezzlements—often exceeding a million dollars—by priests, secretaries, and members of the laity. Researchers estimate that as much as ninety-five percent of these cases go unreported, allowing thievery to become the Church’s second greatest scandal.

Over $1 Billion Stolen and Embezzled Annually from US Catholic Church Coffers

Thievery documents how bishops use secret accounts to hide criminal activity of priests. Author, Les Cochrane reveals how cases of theft, scams, and embezzlement can be prevented at the parish level. It’s a must read for every Catholic Church member, particularly those involved in financial matters.


Thievery traces the evolution of the thievery scandal, year-by-year, from 2002, until its crescendo in 2018, as illustrated by the following headlines:

  • Priest Gets 3 Years for Stealing $1.3 Million
  • Priests Indicted in $8 Million Scam
  • Woman Sentenced for Stealing $2.5 Million
  • Priest Accused of Stealing over $1 Million for “Sex Master”
  • Priest Sentenced to 5-years, Ordered to Pay Back $2 Million
  • Priest Accused of Embezzling $5 Million

Thievery uses actual news stories to document the types of financial mismanagement perpetrated by unethical priests and staff members.


  • How depraved bishops covered up countless cases of theft
  • How Church officials failed to hold bishops and priests accountable
  • Insights as to how “faith-based” trust is financially paralyzing the parishes
  • How the Church’s system must be revised to establish strong money management procedures in each parish, as well as in many dioceses.
  • How the Church hierarchy must take urgent action to restore credibility

Is the Catholic Church too big to fail?

With estimates of thievery in the U.S. Catholic Church now surpassing $1.2B annually, and with legal costs for sexual abuse cases escalating, operational expenses growing, the number of lapsed Catholics increasing, and the percentage of contributions dwindling, Thievery, raises the daunting question: Is the Catholic Church too big to fail?

Thoroughly researched and objectively presented, Thievery is a true eye-opener and a must-read for those concerned about truth, justice and the future of the Catholic Church.

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” This book unfolds details of the Catholic Church corruption and behind the scenes activity that will blow your mind. “

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” I recommend everyone to read this book to have their eyes opened! Great job! “

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Les Cochran

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Les Cochran served as a public educator for thirty-eight years, starting as a high school teacher in Detroit.Les is retired in the Asheville, NC area with his wife Lin, and is writing and weaving stories! His seventh book was published in late 2019. For more information, visit

Thievery: Catholic Church EXPOSED!

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