I love dystopian and apocalyptic novels. This is the best of both worlds.

About The Book

The action-packed and greatly anticipated sequel to “Levels” catches up with Jake and Clare. They’ve found a respite from the chaos that had taken over their lives after their adventure in Wentley’s Department Store. They searched through countless realities struggling to find a way to get back to their families, back to their reality. They’d come close but there was always something that wasn’t right. This place isn’t their original reality, but they are happy together and at least nobody is actively trying to kill them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last.

Once again, unknown forces thrust them into a reality that is vastly different. One that has been ravaged by war and a great cataclysmic event. Jake and Clare face off against their greatest enemy yet. This reality is ruled by a power-hungry dictator who will do whatever it takes to gain absolute control, no matter how many lives it costs.
They have to find a way to stop this man. How can a reality jumper and an empath stop him from destroying not just this world but many others as well?

Time is short. Danger is everywhere. Billions of lives hang in the balance.

This fast-paced dystopian thriller keeps delivering the action– reality, after reality, after reality.

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” I love dystopian and apocalyptic novels. This is the best of both worlds. “

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” It is a good read. I need to go back and read Levels now. “

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T. L. Scott

About the Author

TL Scott grew up in a small mid-western town. He could often be found with his nose in a good book, even while walking around. Small town life was good but he craved adventure. He wanted to make a difference with his life so he joined the Navy. Over the course of his Naval career, Scott was exposed to people from all walks of life. It is from his love of storytelling and passion for characters of all types that give his characters life. They are the ones that tell their story.Scott’s break-out novel A Life Worth Living is a tale of a families struggles with love and loss. Dave and Debbie have grown distant from each other while trying to juggle successful careers and two children. When tragedy strikes they must decide how much they are willing to sacrifice to make theirs A Life Worth Living.His second novel, Fault Line, follows Bill and his buddies. They are visiting his hometown while on leave from the war. Bill’s baby sister is getting married. The soldiers are forced into action when they cross the path of a gang that has invaded this idyllic western town. There is no way this gang could have settled in so deep without help. Someone had to have helped them. Someone has crossed the line, the Fault Line.His third book, Levels, was released in November of 2018. Jake discovers he has the ability to cross over to other realities. He has to stay alive and learn to control this ability while he fights to find his way back to his normal. He discovers that others have abilities of their own. Together they team up to fight the enforcers in a battle that is much bigger than they know.His fourth book and second of the Levels series, titled Tunnels follows the adventures of Jake and Clare. They have both grown in their abilities since that day at Wentley’s department store. This time they face their greatest enemy. Billions of lives hang in the balance across reality after reality.


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