Villains For Justice

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From Within This Book Emerges Four Daring Villains Seeking Justice. Each One With A Different Agenda And Cause. “Nina Dansk” Faces Off With Child Abuse Issues While “Jerico Raven And Shadow Claw” Face Off With Inside Police Corruption. “Cora Rollins” Becomes The Most Wanted Female Villain By The FBI, She Faces Off With Rapist, Child Sexual Pedaphiles & The Porn Industry. This Book Is Dedicated To: “Gabriel Fernandez” An 8 year Old Boy Who Was In Need Of Justice By The Child Judicial System, His Justice Only Came About After His Horrific Death In May 24, 2013. This Book Will Continue With A Part 2 Under The Name: “The Return Of The NY Villains For Justice” Which Will Feature Newer Villains Such As “Amadou” Who Faces Off With The KKK And Racism Issues Within Law Enforcement In The Bronx And Other New York Cities. And A Shocking “Mysterious Female Villain” Who No One Expected To Surface. She Teams Up With Cora, Making Them A Dangerous Duo To Take Down By Not Just The FBI Or Law Enforcement, But By Jerico Raven And Shadow Claw. Shocking Unexpected Discoveries Will Be Revealed. Book Will Be Out In Mid 2021.

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Marta Nater

About the Author

Marta Nater was born on the first month of the year of January in Vega baja Puerto Rico. For the most part of her childhood life and early teen years Marta was raised within the northern parts of New York City and Massachusetts since the age of 1. In her mid teens her parents moved up to the warmer state of Florida. Marta comes from a large family that consist of 8 brothers and 3 sisters. Even thought Marta always felt as if part of her life while growing up was robbed in some ways, She totally loves life so much and is proud of the person that she has become in life. Unfortunately Marta was raised up in a maladjusted way as in a dysfunctional abusive home, but yet she was raised in a religious environment since very young in age. Based on an early childhood spiritual experience Marta solely believes in both heart and mind in the true existence as power of the almighty God above heaven, creator of all things. Marta went to elementary school in Long Island, NY and went to middle school in Taunton, Leominster and Worcester Massachusetts. She went to Seth McKeel junior high school in Lakeland, Florida. Since childhood Marta has always desired to write and someday become an author. Marta considers herself a dilettante, lover of writing. Writing is not just one of Marta’s strongest passions in her life, but it is also part of her life since it has been very therapeutic for her. Marta tries to keep her books to a certain length and easy to understand for the public readers. Based on positive good book reviews Marta is confident as optimistic that she will only improve as progress within the near future. Marta’s goal in life is to be seen as a good role model for others in the public eye. Marta enjoys beach walks after sundown, gardening, roller skating, latin dancing and going out to the theatres. Marta is happily married to her long time husband Jaime and currently resides Orlando, Florida. Marta lives content with life and thankful to God who has blessed her in so many ways in her life. For personal reasons Marta Nater is also very much against Child Abuse and a huge fan as supporter of the Child Abuse guidelines and it’s laws.

Villains For Justice

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