Weight Loss and Fitness: 12 Steps To Taking Back Your Body

I have to admit, I have had the idea of losing a few unwanted pounds on my mind all year.

About The Book

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Weight loss and fitness is a common goal for many people. The reason most people struggle in this area is because they fail to embrace natural and scientific simplicity. No diet is ever going to truly result in you keeping weight off in the long run and completing lifetime fitness objectives. In order to do so, you will have to become somewhat educated and smarter with your personal choices.

Within this book’s pages you’ll learn the Importance of: Eating Breakfast, Eating More Filling Foods, Planning Your Meals, Building Lean Muscles, Tracking Your Progress, Coping with Temptation, Dealing with Stress, Cardiovascular Exercise and So Much More!

This book is written in a clear cut and to the point fashion in order to accommodate people of all ages, sizes, weights and fitness levels. It carries a tone of pure simplicity that might be deemed TOO SIMPLE. But, the reason most people struggle in this area of life is because they’re not mindful of the simplicity of it all.

Permanent weight loss and fitness requires a consistent lifestyle cycle of pursuing, maintaining and expanding upon your health and fitness goals. The twelve (12) powerful principles shared in this book can be incorporated into your daily life so that you can Take Back Your Body for good.

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” I have to admit, I have had the idea of losing a few unwanted pounds on my mind all year. “

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” This book contains 12 chapters, possibly why the author chose the title, about well-known principles and an additional brief chapter “

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Coach JV Swann

About the Author

Joseph “Coach JV” Swann is an entrepreneur that was born and raised in Jacksonville, NC. He has a deep passion for helping people who face challenges that appear to be overwhelming. And no, he’s not an “expert” nor a “cure all”. But, he does earnestly strive to bridge the gap between current realities and future possibilities.One of his greatest achievements is the book, “Weight Loss and Fitness: 12 Steps To Taking Back Your Body”. This labor of love was ignited by his own personal plight with years of nutritional neglect, the absence of physical fitness, and poor stress management. His blood pressure was at stroke level, his weight was out of control, and his metabolism was nowhere to be found. At the age of 41, the doctor told him that his heart was only going to beat so many more times until it stopped. He had a desire to help others, but didn’t seem to have the discipline to help himself. Coach JV realized that he had to make some serious changes if he expected to live a longer and more fruitful life.Now, he shares these twelve (12) basic, yet powerful steps in this book to promote better health habits, nutritional value and physical activity. This, in turn will usher in a lifestyle primed to attain and maintain desired weight loss, fitness goals, and overall health and wellness. This very book contains practical and powerful principles that helped Coach JV Take Back My Body. If followed, it will do the same for its readers.

Weight Loss and Fitness: 12 Steps To Taking Back Your Body

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