What’s Left of Don

his is a book to have on hand for those days when you need an instant laugh or pick me up.

About The Book

“A Walk in the Woods” Meets “Seinfeld”

From receiving recognition from an LA Times columnist when he was only twelve years old, to a face-off with a fifteen-foot saltwater crocodile, Don Hurzeler has no fear of “celebrities,” active volcanos, or exotic animals.

An insurance executive turned Hawaiian photographer whose former career was all about mitigating risk can’t help but encounter death-defying adventure. He tells his story in this intriguing adventure travel memoir that’s laugh-out-loud funny and at times cringeworthy, making readers wonder: how is this guy still alive?

This witty, humorous page-turner allows the reader to live vicariously through a courageous adventure-seeker who traveled the world and beyond.

Come join Don on his amusing lifetime quests. Buy your copy of “What’s Left of Don” today.

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” his is a book to have on hand for those days when you need an instant laugh or pick me up. “

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” Seriously, an excellent, humorous read that tells the tale of somewhat lunatic male with too much testosterone and a zest for adventure. “

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Donald Hurzeler

About the Author

Donald J. Hurzeler, CPCU, CLU is a retired executive with Zurich North America and was the 2004-2005 president of the CPCU Society. His insurance career started with Allstate Insurance as a rater/customer service representative in Santa Ana, California. He left Allstate 27 years later as an appointed officer of the company.Don loved the insurance business. It treated him very well. He served as CEO of a middle market commercial lines company, president of an insurance brokerage, president of a company charitable foundation, chief underwriting officer and chief marketing officer and has served as a director on numerous company boards. He retired from corporate life in 2008.Don’s career and life have also shown him that not all progress arrives in the form of a straight line to success. Don has dealt with several setbacks and sidetracks along the way. He also dealt with two significant rounds of cancer. Through it all, Don continually describes himself as “One of life’s happy campers.”An NCAA Division II All-American for track and field and member of the Chapman University Athletic Hall of Fame, Don has progressed from being an excellent sprinter and hurdler in his youth to a self described “painful to watch” marathoner in his more mature years. He is a lifelong surfer, snorkeler and a dedicated risk taker.Don and Linda Hurzeler have been married since 1969. They have two kids and four grand kids.Don has written three books, was a newspaper and magazine columnist and a corporate speechwriter. Together, Linda and Don joined with their two gallery partners, C.J. Kale and Nick Selway, to produce a coffee table book of Hawaiian images. That book, and three others, were published by Kua Bay Publishing, which Don owns. Don uses the resources of Kua Bay Publishing to help new authors get their first books completed and into the marketplace.Don and Linda live in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. He and Linda have visited over 80 countries, every state in the USA and places on the Big Island that you could not find with a map and a GPS. With all of that, Don finds time to get in the ocean almost every day and to grab a nap every afternoon…”Because I can.” He professes to be really good at being retired and plans to continue on his current path of fun and exploration until he completely geezers up.

What’s Left of Don

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