Where Magic and Science Collide

This book rates the highest rating because of its ability to draw the reading into its world.

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On a distant planet where wizards and enchantments work freely in a medieval world, war suddenly breaks out when the forces of evil throw the world of Ambrasian into chaos. At the same time, an intergalactic ship arrives in orbit to divert a killer asteroid heading toward the planet – only to find no scientific explanation for the events observed on the surface. Where Magic and Science Collide explores the dichotomy of two civilizations – one fully immersed in a world of magic and the other driven by advanced technological innovation.

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” This book rates the highest rating because of its ability to draw the reading into its world. “

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” Amazing book good written by the author. “

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Joseph J. Swope

About the Author

Joseph J. Swope is an award-winning author, public relations professional, and university adjunct faculty member. He has lived and worked in Pennsylvania his entire career, which spans more than 35 years in both corporate and non-profit settings.Swope has written four books.Pleasant Valley Lost chronicles the loss of his family’s farm in Berks County, Pennsylvania, to a federal dam project. Originally published in 2015, the book was updated in 2017 and now includes 22 historic photos from the region.The Gift is an illustrated children’s book focused on diabetes awareness. Published in 2015, the book was illustrated by Swope’s oldest daughter, Chandra.Disturbed is a ghost story set in the haunted Coal Region in Northeast Pennsylvania. The infamous Molly Maguires play a key role in Swope’s first novel, where a young man with a history of mental illness unknowingly moves into a home still occupied by its deceased former resident. Disturbed was released by Black Rose Writing in May 2018.Where Magic and Science Collide is a fantasy/science fiction novel. War breaks out on a distant planet where magic and enchantment abound, while at the same time an intergalactic ship arrives to divert a killer asteroid. Where Magic and Science Collide is scheduled to be released July 9, 2020

Where Magic and Science Collide

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