Wraith Lords of Zeiglon

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In book two of the War of the Staffs trilogy, vampire lord Taza continues to weave intense dark spells in a demonic attempt to find the missing piece of the Staff of Adaman and bring the magical world of Muiria under his evil control. Taza uses a dark warlock named Melgor to find and destroy Taza’s nemesis, the great Wizard Celedant, who accompanies Prince Tarquin, the prophesied savior of the world, on a dangerous quest to find the missing Staff piece, encountering horrific attacks by earthly and inhuman assailants.

The adventurers who are desperately seeking the lost Staff piece successfully bring together supporters that include elves, dwarves, humans, and other races who join forces to save their beloved world. Against the backdrop of the raging conflict, tender romance begins to blossom between pure-hearted souls who find each other in the midst of a war-torn landscape and mythical quest.

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Kathryn Tedrick has published numerous magazine and website articles. In 2005 she became a ghostwriter in the fantasy, science fiction, young adult, and mystery genres. She has written over 30 books and has had numerous books published, both as a ghost writer and in her own name, two have been made into a movie.Co-Author H.P. Stephenson has had a passion for writing and reading fantasy and science fiction since the age of ten. An admitted bibliophile, Stephenson collects rare fantasy and science fiction media. He obtained a B.A. in history and an M.A. in Library Science (archives tract). He has also critiqued the speeches of experts in the field of archives and library science, and his critiques were published in history journals.

Wraith Lords of Zeiglon

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