All Paws To Chile

Ever since Isabel told me all about Chile my belly has been rumbling…I wish I could go to Chile. But how can I get there? It is impossible for dogs to fly.   Embark on a journey over air and land in Monica Lizama’s exciting new children’s story, All Paws to Chile, a tale positively bursting […]

Easy 8: The Big Event

The competition is tough in the roughest sport on dirt. The bulls are ready for smoke-blowing, snot-slinging, and tail-slapping action. The Native American bulls will be showing their dancing skills as they perform a special dance. There’s lots of action, humor, and of course dirt.

The Visitor from 4-D

The Keating kids are shocked and intrigued when a tiny visitor suddenly appears during a lightning storm. Once they realize the visitor is friendly and needs their help to return to his dimension they do everything in their power to help him. As time is running out they enlist the help of others, but someone […]