The Fire Escape Belongs In Brooklyn

This National Indie Excellence Award Finalist is a story of love, loss, hope, and the haunting need to resolve the mysterious disappearance of a loved one…and of youth itself. Born one minute apart in the same Brooklyn hospital, Mike Burns and Salvatore “Sally-Boy” Boccanera grow up thinking they will always have one another and the […]


Sixteen year old Gus Woodard is about to live the best summer of his life. Then something goes wrong. Something goes terribly wrong. Ajar is a coming of age story about sixteen year old Gus Woodard and his schizophrenic brother. Set during the 1970s in a small town in upstate New York, Gus must suffer […]

The Bones of the Earth

The Dark Age, eastern Europe: the earth has decided to rid itself of humanity with earthquakes, volcanoes and new plagues. Civilizations, even the mighty Roman Empire, crumble under the pressure of barbarian waves that are fleeing worse terrors. Rejected by his own people, pursued by a dragon, young Javor heads for Constantinople, the centre of […]

Western Pursuit: Tracking a Killer

“A sparkling debut novel. Plenty of action and great characters.”  –Robert Broomall, author of Texas Kingdoms and The Dispatch Rider What if a gunslinger killed your unarmed father, and you had to catch him, but you have a gimpy left leg, you’ve never been ten miles from home, and you’ve never shot a pistol? Eighteen year-old Zeke Halstead […]

Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes: Book 1: Hope

Four thousand years in the future, the Republic of Earth is at war with the oppressive Yajiran Empire. Meanwhile, on a primitive world, a half-human/half-Yajiran girl named Avala learns that her people’s beliefs are lies created by the Yajirans to keep them in a primitive state, so they can rule over them. While working with […]