The action-packed and greatly anticipated sequel to “Levels” catches up with Jake and Clare. They’ve found a respite from the chaos that had taken over their lives after their adventure in Wentley’s Department Store. They searched through countless realities struggling to find a way to get back to their families, back to their reality. They’d […]

Vigilante: Book One: Into the Darkness

VIGILANTE: BOOK ONE: INTO THE DARKNESS by Lt. Col. Cliff Deane Colonel Levi Levins retires from the Army and is off on vacation before starting his new job in the civilian world. After serving all around the globe during his military career, he is ready to finally live the good life with his beloved wife, […]

“J”: Family Reunion II

From the author of the wildly successful debut novel Family Reunion, P. Mark DeBryan, comes a new and terrifying apocalypse family novel. The South African flu had put the fear of God into the world. But the press and the government assured one and all that a revolutionary nanovaccine developed by Dr. Julian Ruegg had stopped the outbreak […]