The House in the Hollow

**The new novel by the best-selling author Allie Cresswell** **A prequel to the award-winning Tall Chimneys** The Talbots are wealthy. But their wealth is from ‘trade’. With neither ancient lineage nor title, they struggle for entrance into elite Regency society. Finally, aided by an impecunious viscount, they gain access to the drawing rooms of England’s […]

Wyandotte Bound

Bound, like many other strong words, finds its meaning in the perceptions of those it affects. To the Van Sheltons, it is positive and deep-rooted, defining their ties to a vast amount of land abundant in the timber, cattle, and silver that make them the wealthiest and the most powerful family in the town of […]


Delia Elliott just finished her junior year, unscathed and without incident. Oh, wait. Actually, there was an incident. With an ex-boyfriend. You know the kind—controlling, selfish, arrogant, all about himself. Yeah, that kind. Now Delia must face the ramifications, including being a social pariah and being grounded by her mother indefinitely. Stuck at home, Delia stumbles across […]

The Shadow of Forever

When a band of Berserkers enters the sleepy little village of Kinester on the west coast of Skattenoya, a string of events is touched off that disrupts the lives of every person in the village. Soon it becomes apparent that the Berserkers are part of a mysterious campaign led by a Norse lord named Maarku, […]