How Long I’ve Loved You

A vulnerable moment could be the beginning they’ve been waiting for… For as long as she can remember, Oakley Marshall has been in love with River Childers. She’s flirted with him. She’s been coy. She’s even thrown herself at him. All to no avail. Despite her friends saying that he’s interested, she’s come to the […]

Destiny by chance

In a breath of a moment, Destiny loses everything she cares anything about; her son, her husband, her faith and even herself. How does one overcome the guilt of still being alive? Will the pain she encounters on the road to recovery be too much to bear or is she strong enough to begin again? […]

Meeting Melissa

Julie doesn’t know she needs a little miracle in her life until she meets Melissa… Melissa believes in miracles because she is one. Born with HIV and orphaned at birth during a time when just the mention of the immune disorder still scared many people, the precocious twelve-year-old never gives up hope. As Julie and […]