Fools Playing Fools

No sooner has handsome, partially disabled Ned Savage moved into the apartment next door to Hugo Miller,than he is apparently murdered with a heavy candlestick to his head while he is collapsing into anaphylactic shock in his living room, due to a fungus that is commonly found on marijuana plants. The action happens in and […]

Murder by Mail

A vicious gunman (or perhaps a woman) is systematically killing people who write letters to the editor of the Garrison Sun-Messenger The victims are a womanizing dentist, a recently divorced female librarian, a female anti-abortion activist, and a gay male accountant. The killer places, beneath their bodies, an editorial page from the Sun-Messenger containing a […]

Diplomats, Spies and Assassins by George Edmonds-Brown

Diplomats, Spies, and Assassins is a book of seventeen short stories. The stories take us into Africa, Pakistan, Europe, South America, and Japan, over a period of forty years. We encounter many of the same characters in the different stories, as they follow their chosen careers. Eleven of the stories focus on the competitive relationship […]