The O.D.

A virgin landmass is ‘extruded’ into the Bay of Biscay by a solar-tidal magmatic pulse. Waiting to claim the emerging island are 80 people in a flotilla of trussed up barges with supplies to last a year. Who are these accidental tourists? How did they know the island would be surfacing? And what do they […]

A 12 Story Asylum

Do you love charming serial killers, shapeshifting aliens, children with horrifying powers, vengeful ghosts, scorned lovers who invoke witches’ curses, baby-snatching mutants, the destruction of humankind as we know it along with some pleasant poetry? A 12 STORY ASYLUM is an anthology of horror, science fiction, and fantasy to make you go to bed with […]

Family Reunion

Ryan Brant stepped off his plane in Seattle expecting a week of fun—a time to catch up with family members, relax, and maybe partake in a beer or two. The last thing on his mind was the end of the world and having to defend himself from the savage by-products of a CDC-issued vaccine.   […]