Apollo’s Lyre

Where does spirituality belong in psychotherapy, and in our lives? Drawing upon thirty years of experience with meditation, spiritual practice, and the art and science of psychotherapy, Dr. Kenneth Porter demonstrates how spiritual practices and psychotherapy inform and enhance one another in helping therapists, clients, and all of us in simply living our lives to […]

A Resilient Warrior

US Army Veteran Mindy Dougherty has a warrior spirit that will capture your attention. The resiliencyand strength she embodies while overcoming childhood abuse, PTSD, and more medical adversities thanone can imagine will inspire you.Navigating a lifetime of trauma could leave a person bitter and hateful, but Mindy takes a completelydifferent approach. She uses comedy, gratitude, […]

Give Yourself Some STD

Give Yourself Some STD for Self- Transformation- Discipline is a Self Development and Self Improvement book for everyone. There are habits that we have adopted from others, learned from family, and so many other negative habits that we own and probably never really thought about the impact that our habits may have on ourselves and […]

Spirit Dancer

The story of how a woman’s faith and trust in God grew out of hardship and tragedy in the early 1800’s. Hannah, at only seventeen, has been married only a few months when her new husband Caswell announced to her they would be traveling west to work with his uncle. Hannah hated the idea of […]

The Sanity Warrior: Becoming the Authority of Your Experiences

In life we experience the most unpredictable and insane encounters which normally leave us disoriented. Life is mysterious and it takes more than wishful thinking to stay sane and focused when challenges and problems show up. In this book, I share real life stories, plus researched data to reveal the chaos in our world today […]

God’s Desires for You: A Biblical Guide to Salvation

God, what do you want me to do to please You? God, what are Your desires for me? How do I get to heaven? Are you looking for the answers to these questions? Are you looking in the right place? God tells us many things we can do to please Him. He seeks us and […]