The Strategy of Love

Photojournalist Kayla Rhea exposes injustices in the world and takes chances with her life to do it. It has always been an acceptable risk until she is abducted, bringing Army Strategist River Bennett crashing back into her life. Their passions run hot, and as their relationship heats up, so do the threats on her life […]

SEAL of Refuge

Alesha loves her Alaskan island home, but two years after a painful breakup, she is still overly cautious when dating men. the fear of losing her heart to a person who doesn’t deserve it, looms heavy on her mind when she meets the larger than life widower, Zayden. When he extricates her from a sticky […]

An Enduring Love

Born and raised in Latvia, Rebecca Balodis marries Rhys Sudduth, an English diplomat. Shortly thereafter, he is summoned home to attend his father’s deathbed. Rebecca cannot accompany him at the time and becomes trapped in the turmoil plaguing her country. He is informed she died in the upheaval. Nearly four years later, Rebecca escapes and […]


Aurora Goldberg Stein is lost in grief. Her beloved husband, Jake Stein, has just died in a tragic car accident and her sorrow is overwhelming. But is this really the end? Perhaps, perhaps not. She hears his voice. She sees his ghostly presence. She travels back in time to another life with Jake. What is […]