The Jig and hare Bathhouse by Graham Williams

The book deals with a timeless subject, which is as relevant today as it was at the time of King James – the abduction and sexual abuse of children. It is handled sensitively and a distinction is drawn between same-sex, loving partnerships and the cruel use of children bought and sold for the sexual gratification […]

Dodger Dogs Christmas Message by Karen Gee

Dodger Dog learns the do’s and don’ts for pets at Christmas! Dodger can’t afford expensive presents, as he is just a little dog. Find out what Dodger Dog gives instead?     Buy Now

The Cassandra Protocol by Joe Dacy

In 2035, the U.S. healthcare agency, Allcare — the sole Provider for all medical services — is controlled by a powerful artificial intelligence called Cassandra. Veteran journalist J.J. Connor, 66, has already roiled the industry with his first book — Allcare and the A.I. — but now he’s on the hunt for more after a […]

making your own trail by Daniel Martin Molliver

I want to help people so much to see and know how to get out of hell on earth for that is just. The relentless; defended flag will shake the foundation of what the flag stands for. We will make Americas freedom ring with the great flag on top. Humbling yourself in bed every night, […]

My Body is My Own by Lauren K Carlson

My Body is My Own is intended to open young minds to the idea of boundaries and consent long before sexuality is a topic. Having a conversation about respecting your own body and respecting others at a young age will help normalize consent for the next generation. .This picture book will lead a conversation with […]

Careering: The Pocket Guide to Exploring Your Future Career by Tamara S. Raymond

Careering offers young people a seamless step-by-step process to help teens avoid career traps. It’s the information-packed guide for students, teens and young adults to explore their career future – and its an ideal size for a pocket! Topics include how to explore career options; network effectively; apply for jobs; develop interviewing skills; and conduct oneself once landing a […]