My Body is My Own is intended to open young minds to the idea of boundaries and consent long before sexuality is a topic. Having a conversation about respecting your own body and respecting others at a young age will help normalize consent for the next generation. .This picture book will lead a conversation with your child about how to set their own boundaries and how they should respect the boundaries of others. You will also have the opportunity to discuss what to do if their boundaries are not being respected. Use this book to open a dialogue with your children about how they can always come to you when they are uncomfortable. Their body is their own and by including this topic as a part of everyday living, we are empowering them to better protect their bodies..”Lauren Carlson’s beautifully illustrated children’s book, My Body is My Own, explains critical concepts such as respect, boundaries, and privacy versus secrets, in an elegantly simple way that even young children can understand. I highly recommend using this book to either start these important conversations about consent in the early years, or as another way to keep the conversation going if you have already started.” -Emily Edlynn, PhD



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