A orphaned teenager stands in front of three graves facing an uncertain future. He joins the Air Force at the lowest enlisted level and rises to become one of the Air Force’s hottest fighter pilots.

Flying a combat fighter patrol on the Iraq/Iran border, he finds out how Iran will answer the US withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal, the recent designation of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization and the assassination of Iranian general, Maj Gen Qassim Suleimani.

Messenger of GodIran Attacks provides a dramatic answer to Iran’s response.

It introduces Captain Zandi, an Iranian fighter pilot, also know as “Mar.” the Farsi name for snake, whose destiny may be linked to Harry’s.

Presented in the form of a Harry Miles story, this story is ripped from the headlines.

This story tracks how Harry responds to to the unprovoked attack and the consequences which follow.

You will discover how Harry turns victory into defeat and ends up – BROKEN.



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