Daniel Peters Ace Reporter; B-29 Found by Rick Kurtis

An ace reporter for the Daily Post is connected to a kindred spirit through his repeating dreams. Follow him in his daily life dealing with work, his boss, a new relationship, fatherhood, and his dreams, while being shot at, getting the story of the year, and being honored and suspended all at the same time. […]

A Voice From Beyond by David Milton McGowan

Lucky He is a former Confederate officer who has become far less than an “officer and a gentleman”. When he realizes what he has become he tries to see a new future and a new him. #thief #enlightenment Stealing Janet’s Cattle A young mother and rancher discovers cattle missing. She is alone and, according to […]

Dream Job, Wacky Adventures of an HR Manager by Janet Garber

FINALIST 2017 NEXT GENERATION INDIE BOOK AWARDS AND 2016 SHELF UNBOUND BEST INDIE BOOKS Join Melie, HR manager, on her desperate search for solutions to the messes boiling over in Axis Mundi Medical Center. You will laugh but is it funny to her? Why can’t those buttock-groping doctors and their flaky staff just get along? […]